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Our new location is now open!

After what once seemed like an eternity of planning, renovating, unpacking and setting up truckloads of equipment, we are proud to announce that today marks the grand opening of NeoSome's state-of-the-art new location in Billerica MA.

The new facility includes spacious offices, meeting rooms, wet laboratory space and a modern vivarium. The facility also includes dedicated surgical rooms designed for conducting aseptic procedures. This fully renovated facility will ensure that we continue to deliver the best possible client support through the multiple stages of the iterative drug discovery process.

We will continue to offer a variety of services to our clients, providing a very interactive and personalized approach to better enable decisions of drug advancement or termination. Our full study design and project execution allows the client to comfortably hand their proprietary therapies over while gaining meaningful decisional results.

Our new facility will also provides additional controlled space for clients to conduct their own research while we provide regulatory, animal care, as well as direct study support. This addition of client directed space comes at a critical time when the cost of space is at an all-time high and resources are often stretched. We are grateful we can contribute to scientific advancements by providing an effective cost controlling alternative that is readily accessible to the greater Boston, Cambridge Somerville, and Watertown areas

While we are still utilizing the Lexington facility, this expansion gives us the flexibility to increase our staff, double our equipment and capacity, and offer more support to the growing pharmaceutical industry.

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