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Infectious Disease


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NeoSome offers a comprehensive approach to evaluating anti-infective agents.

We can support your program from initial in vitro assessment, through tolerability testing, primary in vivo screening to target organ efficacy, and PK/PD evaluations.

In vitro assays include: MICs, MBCs, PAEs, Time Kill curves, Checkerboard assays and susceptibility testing.


  • Mouse Protection Test; septicemia, bacteremia

  • Mouse subcutaneous abscess model

  • Rodent Pulmonary models – rat, mouse

  • Rodent kidney infection model

  • PK/PD determinations and modeling

  • C. difficile mouse and hamster models

  • Mouse skin infection model - superficial and full thickness

  • Neutropenic models - thigh and lung infection

  • Selected organ infection models - eye, kidney, skin etc

  • Prophylactic and therapeutic model designs

  • Yeast and fungal infection models - kidney, lung, skin, vaginal

  • Ascending UTI 

  • Subcutaneous Pouch Models


Ask us about additional Infectious disease models

We customize our animal models to fit your project goals and timelines.  

Many models are “ready to run”. We can modify these animal models to suit your research program needs including susceptible and resistance isolates, prophylactic and therapeutic dosing schedules, multiple administration routes, and regimens.


Neutropenic Rat thigh infection model with MRSA IV dose administration of test agents Bio-burden determined in thigh muscle.


Neutropenic Rat pneumonia model with MRSA SC dose administration of test agents Bio-burden determined in lung tissue.


Infection via IV  injection Therapy initiated 2 hours post infection Bioburden assessed in kidneys and bladder at 26 hours 

From research design to study execution to data analysis, we provide a comprehensive package to advance your programs to the next steps.

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