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NeoSome offers a broad array of oncology models to support all phases of your research program. 

We evaluate your test agent from cell toxicity assays to efficacy models and PD assessments. We utilize the latest imaging technology to improve model performance and provide precision data for critical decision making.


Oncology Models

  • Immuno-Oncology

  • Disseminated Mouse and Rat Models

  • Orthotopic Mouse and Rat Models (Glioblastoma, Pancreatic, Ovarian)

  • Xenograft Mouse Models

  • Allograft Mouse and Rat Models

  • Hollow Fiber 

  • Mammary Fat Pad Models

  • Syngeneic Mouse Models

  • Combination Therapies

  • IVIS  - State-of-the-Art imaging equipment

We maintain an increasing repository of cell lines for use in both syngeneic models and xenograft models. 

The standard oncology models are readily available, but we also have the ability to customize these models to fit the needs of your current research program.

Cancer Cell Lines Table 1
Human Cancer Cell Lines.jpg

Pancreatic Orthotopic Mouse Model


Surgical implantation of cancer cells into the heal of the pancreas. Imaging performed using IVIS imager and software

Colorectal Cancer Model


Surgical implantation of cancer cells into the caecum.  Imaging performed using IVIS imager and software

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