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Better Research for Better Results

There are many challenges in successfully concluding a research program.

NeoSome can facilitate advancing programs by addressing pivotal questions in a timely, precise manner and allowing for crucial decisions to be made while(still) achieving critical milestones. We recognize that research is not a static process and encourage productive interactions between our staff and clientele through all phases of the project

AT the LAb

Infectious Disease

Our fully customizable "ready to run" studies offer a comprehensive approach for efficiently evaluating anti-infective agents.

Lab Experiments


We offer a broad array of oncology models and the latest imaging technology to improve all phases of your research program.

Sorting Medicine


Paramount to the success of most research programs is an in-life assessment of exposure to the test material.


In vitro Services

Our in-house in vitro services provide high sensitivity and specificity using low sample volumes

In vivo Services :

  • Infectious disease models in rodents and antimicrobial testing

  • Oncology models

  • Rodent models of inflammation / autoimmune disease

  • Pharmacokinetic / biodistribution studies of small molecule drugs and biologicals

  • General pharmacology and tolerability

  • Rodent behavioral models & animal breeding

  • Surgical models

  • Metabolic disease models


​Our staff takes great pride in developing new animal models and constantly looks to expand into new therapeutic areas.

Additional Services :


We generate data, but we provide results. 

Our clients don’t need an in-depth understanding of animal science, we don’t just provide you with a list of numbers on a page, we provide interpretation, analysis, and recommendations.

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