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For nearly a decade, NeoSome has successfully supported early stage drug discovery programs in a range of therapeutic areas with our extensive list of preclinical services, including multiple “ready to run” in vivo models. Since moving into our new research facility, we have been intentionally growing this list, not only with the development of new disease models, but also in-house in vitro assays providing high sensitivity and specificity, low sample volume requirements, and quick data turn-around time. We are thrilled to announce the launch of NeoSome’s updated website, which describes the new and exciting services in detail. Our website has been carefully designed to help you clearly find what you’re looking for to gather the data you need.

As always, please get in touch with any questions or requests. Our research team is constantly exploring new models, so never hesitate to ask about something you are interested in. We are ready to help advance your research. Browse through NeoSome's new services today! #preclinicalresearch #invivo #invitro #infectiousdiseases #oncology #pharmacology

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