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In Vitro Services


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In vitro service platform

Whatever project is required for your studies, we have the in vitro service platform to support faster, better decision-making for your oncology, immuno-oncology, and inflammation disease drug discovery program.


  • IC50 inhibition curves and proliferation studies to determine the half-maximal (50%) inhibitory concentration of cancer chemotherapeutics.

  • In vitro drug screening. A robust suite of cell death, viability, proliferation, and other phenotypic assays to screen new compounds (small molecules and antibodies).

    • MTT assays

    • Cytotoxicity assays 

    • Clonogenic assays (2D/3D)

    • ELISA. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays to sensitively quantify key protein biomarkers.

  •  SDS-Western Blot (protein immunoblot), is an antibody-based technique used to detect the presence, size and abundance of specific proteins (probed using target-specific antibodies) within a sample (target validation, target engagement)

  • qPCR. Quantitative polymerase chain reaction technology to detect specific DNA and mRNA biomarkers.


In vitro/ex vivo pharmacology

NeoSome Life Sciences offers a full suite of custom in vitro and ex vivo pharmacology services to support faster screening and seamless translation from in vitro to in vivo studies.

  • Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) and cell-line derived xenograft (CDX) models development

  • Commercially available different cancer cell lines 

  • Ex-vivo assays using PDX tumor tissue and other organs

  • MSD (Meso Scale Discovery)

  • Using with MSD (Meso Scale Discovery), electrochemiluminescence can measure normal and elevated levels of analytes within the same sample while delivering higher sensitivity than traditional ELISA. It tolerates an array of complex biological matrices including serum, plasma, tissue culture media, tumor tissue (target organ penetration) and accurately detects specific analyte levels in small sample volumes.

  • NeoSome Life Sciences has MSD's experienced scientists to develop high-quality assays for your study applications and please talk to us about multiplex custom panel design and validation.

  • Detect and Quantify Cytokines and Chemokines in High Throughput with our Multi-Analyte Profiling Platform

  • NeoSome’s scientists most frequently utilize Meso Scale Discovery (MSD-ECL) in our work with biomarkersimmunogenicity, and cell-based assays.


Additional Disease Models

Our list of models is constantly growing. Please contact us for an updated list of models and services.

Our science-oriented staff is always developing new animal models and constantly looks to expand into new therapeutic areas. Ask us how we can help advance your research program.

We are continuing to develop our in-vitro assay platform


Ask us how we can help advance your research program.

NeoSome also offers space for trained investigators to conduct research in our facility. We’ll provide vivarium and regulatory support so that you can focus on your research goals.

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