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We provide a wide array of pharmacology testing 

Paramount to the success of most research programs is an in-life assessment of exposure to the test agent. The information gathered through the pharmacology assessments can drive downstream evaluations (efficacy, formulation, and scalability in different species).


We perform tolerability assessments, formulation evaluations, and both single and multi-dose pharmacokinetic studies.  We assist in developing dosing strategies to maximize exposure in the animal model to achieve successful end points.

AT the LAb
  • Tolerability assessment -single & multiple dose administrations

  • Multiple routes of administration (IV, PO, SC, IP, IM, ID)

  • Rodents species : mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs gerbils

  • Single and repeat dose pharmacokinetic studies

  • Survival and terminal collections (blood, tissues & fluids)

  • Infusion studies

  • Osmotic pump implantation

  • Hematology, blood chemistries, urine chemistries

  • Histology / pathology

  • Formulations

  • Cassette Dosing

rodent lab assistants

Our Lab Assistants:

  • mice

  • rats

  • hamsters

  • guinea pigs

  • gerbils

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