Additional Models and Assays

NeoSome Life Sciences offers support through all stages of drug discovery including in vitro assays, proof of concept and drug efficacy in several animal models of human disease.

Obesity / Diabetes

  • Diet induced obesity (DIO) mouse and rat
  • Hyperlipidemia Hamster, rat, mouse models
  • STZ (streptozotocin) induced diabetic model
  • Zucker Fatty Rat model
  • db/db, ob/ob, db/ob mouse models
  • Glucose metabolism, resting glucose levels, GTT, cytokine analysis

Animal Model Development

Our research staff has an extensive list of experience in several therapeutic areas and model development:

  • Behavioral testing
  • pain assessment
  • Inflammation models, survival surgical procedures in rodents
  • intrathecal injections – use of stereotaxic equipment
  • breeding

We perform several in vitro assays to augment our in vivo models:

  • disk diffusion antibiotic sensitivity testing
  • Receptor pharmacology studies
  • Cell-based assays
  • Cancer cell culture and cell line maintenance
  • ELISA Assays
  • Biochemical assays